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BBQ’s are a great way to socialise over the summer with friends and family, but sometimes preparing a BBQ can be daunting especially when you have a number of people attending. Catering for different individuals can be time-consuming especially when you are unsure of what sides to cater your BBQ meat with. Here is a range of BBQ side dishes, recipes and products that could help you decide on BBQ sides for a crowd.

Salad Recipes and Vegetables

No Barbecue is complete without a side salad, they are a great way to complement other foods. Not only that, they also a great alternative for individuals who might have specific dietary requirements – like vegetarian or vegan.

In any case, it’s great to get creative with these, to make sure they are as full of flavour to impress your guests. We have placed some recipes together for some side salads that will be a great addition to any barbecue.

BBQ Sides: Sauces Seasoning and Dressings

BBQ sauces and Marinades

BBQ sauces are the best way to add even more flavour to your recipes, marinating meat or just having as a side dipping sauce. Regardless of what you use them for, they are a great way to support a great barbecue – here is a range of popular results which have proven to be people’s favourites, as well as being healthy, low in sugar and great tasting.

Salad Dressings

If you are looking to support your salad with a range of salad dressings, then there is a range we could suggest, depending on yours and your attendees taste. The list of dressings listed is low in calories, high in flavour and some high in protein.

BBQ Seasoning

Barbecue seasoning can really benefit the flavour in preparation leading up to serving for your guest, with a range of herbs and spices you can get the best out of your food. When preparing your meat, other appetisers or side dishes, seasonings can really give a kick to the flavour whether you like spice, savoury or sweet the range you can satisfy any pallet.

Seasonings are generally very low in calories, as they are only a mixture of herbs and spices, however, some contain sugar which can increase the carbs and calorie count. We have placed together a range of our favourite seasonings, which are low in calories and will make a great addition to any BBQ.

Seasons good for BBQ Flavour:

Recommended: These tend to go well with beef ribs, pork or chicken.

Spicy Seasoning Flavours:

Recommended: These go well with chicken wings, chicken and pepper skewers.

Other BBQ seasonings you could use:

Bread: Buns and Rolls

Many enjoy bread around BBQ season, especially when it comes to burgers and hot dogs, but it’s a fact that these types of food are heavy in carbohydrates and calories. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to eating your standard “white bread roll”, then we have gathered some products that will help keep calories down, include high protein and a lower carb content; so that you can enjoy eating bread at a BBQ but also fit them around your diet or healthy lifestyle.

Pizza’s and flatbreads

You can serve pizzas and flatbreads as an appetiser that goes with any barbecue, in fact, many people cook these using a specific BBQ Oven. However, even if you don’t have one of these they are still a great addition to any party especially with our healthy options.

Cheese’s for the BBQ

Cheese is a great source of protein and shouldn’t be avoided at a barbecue if you are looking at dieting or healthy eating then there are alternatives which are lower in calories and fat, however, even the high in fat cheeses can be a great source of calcium and natural fats.

BBQ Snacks

Before the main meal is served it is always nice to relax with a few snacks to just tie you over while the BBQ takes place. Many use the typical crisps and nuts to snack on beforehand, however, they aren’t that healthy. Provided below are the nations and typical snacks that you will find at any barbecue, the difference being is they are actually high in protein, low in calories and can benefit you.

Crisps for a BBQ

Crisps at a BBQ are one of the nations favourite snacks. If you are looking for a low carb high protein alternative Muscle Food provides a range of products to suit any dietary requirement, from popular brands like:

Healthy Crisps

Nuts and Seeds

Whether you like Cashew, Almond or Peanuts and have heard of popular brands like Graze, Anti snack then they could be some great snacks to serve your guests. With a high source of protein and naturals fats, these healthy snacks are around 179 Kcals or less.


Nuts and Seeds

Other snacks for a BBQ

Other alternatives are light bites that you might not have considered but would compliment any BBQ.

Rice – BBQ Sides

Rice is a brilliant side dish to go with any BBQ, it can be placed in a salad or even had just to support anything cooked on the barbecue, healthy and low-calorie options to fit in with your diet.

Cauliflower Rice is a great option to normal rice if you are on a low carb diet, or looking to eat fewer calories. It is light and fluffy and has the same texture as normal rice, but with fewer calories and carbohydrates. You can simply make your own the process is easy, simply all you do is blend cauliflower florets until they are tiny granules and look like rice, you can then heat them in the microwave or cook the cauliflower before blending.

Cauli Rice is a well-known product and is sold in most supermarkets, they have heated packages that you just put in the microwave. The product ranges around 34 Kcals per serving.

Cauli Rice Products

Other BBQ Rice Sides