Top 5 Health Food Product Deals

Knowing the benefits of eating healthy and looking after ones wellbeing has become more spoken about and advertised especially over the last few years. Many have adopted a newer healthier diet leading to losing weight, understanding more about balanced diets as we all know the implications that a bad diet and lifestyle can cause, this is why health food product

However, if something is in demand or trending we know that sometimes companies can raise the prices of products to make sure they are benefiting from the customers buying habits. That article has been placed together to help you discover deals that you might find from your top health food products.

1) Graze Products

Healthy snack brand Graze has become increasingly popular over the past years and now appears in many of the well-known retailers. They started out by delivering many of their products to customers on a recurring plan featuring snacks mainly made up of seeds and nuts great as a high protein snack.

Well, Graze are giving away £5.00 off products to new customers with a minimum spend of £20.00 using code: AFF16.

For returning customers they are providing 20% off their order with code: GVC20.


2) FryLightMan using FryLight

You might recognise FryLight from your local supermarkets, and only provide 1 calorie per spray. When you consider how many calories and fats are in such cooking alternatives like sunflower oil, olive oil and butter, then it is obvious why these have grown in popularity.

FryLight have branched out and now have 8 different spraying alternatives, including coconut and avocado oil. ASDA currently have deals for up to 33% off on FriLight products currently and are the cheapest supermarket to stock them.

3) Lean Meat

deal day meat hamper

One of the most important parts of a balanced diet is protein and lean meat is a great source of high protein. In the spirit of Prime Day Muscle Food has decided to look at providing new offers giving customers savings of up to £59.94 on lean meat hampers.

Other offers include free DPD delivery and savings of up to £14.99 on an ultimate penny hamper.

4) Naturya Organic Products

Naturya Organic are famously known for providing such products like their Hemp Protein and Chia Seeds and Wheatgrass Powder. These popular products again have made their way into most supermarkets and this is where you will find the best deals for them. Listed on their site they can range from £4.99 to £16.99.

Sainsbury’s currently have the best offers with products ranging from just £4.00 to £5.60.


5) Meridian Peanut ButterPeanut butter in a jar

It has become widely advised that peanut butter is amongst one food that is actually good for us (in small doses of course). It also depends on the type of product that you are consuming, most have a high saturated fat and sugar content – it’s these ones that you want to avoid.
Meridian provide alternatives to healthy peanut butter which are organic and great tasting.

Amazon has an offer of up to 1kg of peanut butter for £8.78.