This World Cup: How to Consume Less Calories When Drinking?

Drinking with friends graphic11 tips for our 11 goals scored so far by our 11 heroes, what a time to be English! The weather is booming, England are playing amazingly well advancing in the World Cup, and everyone in the nation is coming together to support them. Smiles are everywhere, however, are you thinking – How do I consume less calories when drinking?

Many have never experienced an England team doing so well, normally England football displays a horrendous performance and the team are back on the plane to Heathrow. But not this time, as it seems to be the year we’re experiencing something truly remarkable which is ‘forcing’ many of us out and to the bars and big screens to watch our team play.

With this, comes the extra alcohol consumption, take away food, poor sleep, and lack of water. So as England are on fire in front of goal, scoring 11 already reaching the semi-finals, it would only make sense to include 11 ways to help you consume fewer calories when watching sport and socialising.

11 Tips on How to Consume Less Calories When Drinking

  • Think about your beer consumption – Having a large amount of alcohol during a 90 minute period will seriously add to your daily calorie intake. Drink low-calorie alcoholic driProtein snacks graphicnks such as Gin and Slim Lime Tonic or alternate healthy drinks and accompany your alcoholic drinks with water.
  • Choose healthy snacks – When you are glued to the TV you’re less likely to pay attention to your hunger signals or how much you’ve had. So try replacing crisps with rice cakes and peanut butter, fried food with fresh fruit with chopped vegetables and reduced fat hummus. Low-fat popcorn, unsalted nuts, both are good snack choices.
  • Get moving at halftime – You get a 15-minute break, stand up, walk around, and get some fresh air. I’m not saying you should do a 10 minute HIIT session at halftime, just get moving a little.
  • Set yourself a curfew – Not getting a good night’s sleep can have harmful effects on your health. Tell yourself once the game is over get yourself home and stick to it.
  • Don’t become a social smoker – So many people seem to light up when they’ve had a drink. Get out of that habit as you will more likely become a full-time smoker if you keep it up. And of course, just don’t smoke!
  • Sit properly while watching – OK with England and the nerves this is pretty much impossible! Sit upright to avoid achy muscle the next day. This is a big ask I know!
  • Don’t sacrifice your workout – You should be excited about the football no doubt, still make time for your workout. Maybe instead of doing your regular weights session, you go for a quick-fire HIIT session. Keep moving!
  • Clean your grill – If you’re enjoying this amazing British weather we are somehow constantly having and deciding on having people over for a BBQ make sure your grill is fully cleaned. Very easy for bacteria to spread on a dirty grill.
  • Control your emotions – Again this is probably impossible watching England. But try and not get so worked up throughout the game, the constant change of emotions will create stress and take you on an emotional roller coaster for 90 minutes.
  • Enjoy it! Enjoy every moment as this could be a once in a lifetime situation we find ourselves in and making memories with your friends and families watching our team play is 100% the most important thing.Man with a protein tub
  • Load up on protein earlier in the day – Protein will curve your hunger spikes so the temptation to eat poorly during the game will be less. You can get high protein foods from meats and high protein snacks.

So let’s be honest though, sticking to the above will be extremely hard especially as this article might seem quite hypocritical, however, the If you follow these steps, they will definitely benefit your fitness and weight loss goals over the World Cup period. Thoroughly enjoying this moment and embracing every emotion this ride takes me on.

To finish on an extremely important point. If England does lose, please don’t act out. Just be proud of what we have achieved and what our future holds. There is no need for violence, vandalism, or any other negative actions. This team has made our country proud, let’s keep it that way and make our team proud of us.

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