Potato Salad Recipe

potato salad

LA Obsessions alternative to a classic potato salad recipe or a basic potato salad recipe. Combined with a load of healthy ingredients you this salad recipe isn’t just rich in flavour it is perfect for hitting your all-important macronutrients.

This exciting salad recipe is easy to make and can be used for meal preparation perfect for working and on the go meals.

Why not try the recipe now, you could even put your own twist on it.

Quick Facts

Perfect for Slimming


New potatoes 500g
Red Kidney beans 200g 1 tin, Drained
Avocado 1 whole, chopped
Red onion 1 small, Diced
Spring onion 1, diced
Sweet corn 1\2 tin
Light mayonnaise 50g
0% fat yogurt 90g
MF Bacon medallion  3 pieces
Siracha Garlic hot Sauce 10g
Siracha Ginger Hot Sauce 10G
Paprika 4 Pinches
Garlic Diced or granules
Spring onion Chopped and Sprinkled
Cress Sprinkled
MF Bacon medallion  1 pieces, Crisped to garnish



  1. Chop potatoes in half and boil in salted boiling water till softened
  2. Chopping the Avocado, red onion and spring onion.
  3. Microwave bacon to crisp for 3 mins each side crush when complete. (leaving some for garnish)
  4. Mix the light mayo and 0% fat yoghurt together in a large mixing bowl (with optional ingredients if wanted. Recommended with both hot sauces)
  5. Drain potatoes and add along with the red kidney beans, sweet corn, red onion and spring onion (leaving some spring onion for garnish)
  6. Mix all ingredients together in the bowl together till coved in a sauce.
  7. Ready to serve to add the avocado, spring onion, cress and crushed crisped bacon.
  8. Another Option instead of hot sauces can uses add a Lemon squeeze, Dried mint and Grated cucumber (squeezed to remove water)